Baby Clothes

One of the good things I thought about my second pregnancy is it’s going to be “cheap”, because my first born son’s stuff were mostly neutral, so even if my second born is a girl, it’s all good and covered! . . . Or so I thought.

Japan has four seasons — my son was born in Fall, and my new baby is due in Spring. So when I was thinking about clothes, I realized my son’s 3-6mos clothes were winter clothes, but my new baby’s 3-6mos ones will need to be summer clothes… Bummer! I don’t know how I could miss that when I already learned from my first born that clothes sizes should match the seasons. Facepalm.

When my son was born, I made a mistake buying random Zara clothes on sale. They were so cute and cheap, and “seasons” were far from my mind then. T-shirts costed around 500 yen and knit sweaters were less than 1,000 yen! I bought a few in their last stock sizes only to realize later that some sizes I bought didn’t match the seasons of my son’s growth periods. So I ended up giving away most of them, but good thing I kept some as now it seems my new baby can use them. Yey! But back then I thought, “D’oh!” So since I learned that lesson I was confident it’s not going to happen again. But now I failed to consider the hand-me-downs…

Realizing this I had to check which clothes my son can hand down and what I need to buy. But, I’m in the hospital which poses a huge challenge! So I went through all my online shopping histories, took screenshots of what I bought, and did an inventory of the my son’s first year clothing. I still remember the ones that were given to him as gifts so I was able to make a list of most of his clothes. Phew!

Now some, including my husband, would probably think, “What’s the fuss?” Well, as I shared on my previous post, I’m a minimalist. So I don’t like buying and keeping unnecessary stuff. Plus, my 3-4 months hospitalization bill already scares the heck out of me, so I need to make sure I buy wisely.

So now I have my inventory, and I know what I need to buy. It turned out it’s not as cheap as I expected but now, I can really say, “it’s all good and covered”. Another lesson learned.

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