Starting a Blog

I got hospitalized in the beginning of the year, 2021. The other patients in my shared room don’t speak to each other, and so I conform and have never attempted to start a conversation with them. I’ve been ordered to stay in bed and are not allowed to step outside of the room. No phone calls inside the room, only at the lounge which I’m allowed to go once a week. I chat with my family and friends on my mobile sometimes, but I also feel bad about bothering them as they have work and busy on their own. So, who am I to talk to about just random things…?

That’s why I thought of starting a blog — to have a place to write my “leaking thoughts”. Thoughts that I need to let out but can’t bother my family and friends with. It would be nice if someone somewhere would be able to read them and say, “Hey, I get you” or “That’s interesting”.

I don’t consider myself a good writer and my English is not perfect. But it’s better than my Japanese and Tagalog, I think, and so I’ll be writing mainly in English. I’ll probably drop some Japanese and Tagalog here and there because of my lack of vocab, but I hope you all bear with my imperfect English and mediocre writing skills.

I’ll close my intro here. Please watch out for my next post!

3 thoughts on “Starting a Blog

  1. Sorry to read you’ve been in hospital. I hope you’re doing okay?

    I have had several spells in hospital, though not for quite a few years, mercifully.

    Your English is fantastic, it’s hard to tell you’re not a native English speaker.

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  2. Hi Steven! Thank you for reading my first post and for the message. I’m coping and have gotten used to the hospital life – thank you! The hardest part is missing my family and not knowing when my baby will come out – if she’ll be preterm or… But she’ll be 30 weeks this Friday so I guess we’ve passed the more risky stage. Thanking God so much for that and just putting my trust in Him now. 🙂
    And thank you also about my English! I’m very happy with that comment coz no, I’m not a native speaker. 🙂 I’m a Filipino-Japanese, grew up in Manila and now permanently living in Japan.
    I’m really happy to have met you online, and looking forward to reading more posts on your blogs. Thank you so much again and keep in touch! 🙂


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